Desktop Services

Akthasoft Solutions develops both commercial desktop / PC based utilities and custom software for small scale businesses and enterprises. We hold expertise in latest technologies like .NET, VB, VC++, C and C++ and provide you solutions that are compatible with popular technological platforms.

Business Solutions Development

Large businesses management tends to be totally automated allowing clearer vision into the actual problems and favorable trends in company's development. An effective corporate management system is the tool that brings your company to success. Enterprise Solutions should maximize business owner value through an effective corporate management system for enterprise resources.

We work closely with clients to realize the profit earning potential of all enterprise resources through the application of appropriate technologies and business processes. We develop application that functions as per the business needs, specifications and also take care of the user requirements for business rules, valid and invalid user actions and data, session handling, concurrent user actions, Performance, Usability, Consistency and security. Akthasoft Solutions will help you bridge the gap between technology and business.

We have experience in developing n-tier web applications, using a range of client side and server side technologies. We have proven abilities in developing business applications requiring various domain expertise like- auction business, travel management, data management applications, collaboration products and Supply Chain Management applications.

Do not delay to take the first step to business computing now, if your business have been computerized take next step to getting customized software as per your requirements to further reap the profits of IT. Information is money and shall be more so in the futuristic markets. So act now. If you want customized software send us details.


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Web Designing & Development

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Matrimonial Web Portals

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E-commerce Developement

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Content Management System