Desktop Services

Akthasoft Solutions develops both commercial desktop / PC based utilities and custom software for small scale businesses and enterprises. We hold expertise in latest technologies like .NET, VB, VC++, C and C++ and provide you solutions that are compatible with popular technological platforms.

Legacy Applications Development

With the passing time, Enterprises are increasingly facing the challenge of aging and old software applications, better known in computing parlance as Legacy Applications which are essential for the organizations but at the same time prove to be a nightmare for programmers and maintenance engineers. In many businesses today, technology strategies often depend on the company's ability to integrate their legacy systems with the increasing number of new applications, architectures and standards.

The need for migration of applications or databases in enterprises arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges either to improve operational efficiency or to manage risk. There is a need to transform such Legacy Applications, suitable to the latest technology environment by various methods of Porting, Migration and Re-engineering. Though burdensome, legacy applications also represent years of accumulated experience and knowledge. It is, therefore, unwise to discard them before building new state of the art applications to leverage current technologies.

We understand that many companies have substantial investments in legacy systems. The need is to preserve established business rules and practices in the old system at the same time managing valuable human resources locked in maintaining legacy systems. No two companies are alike hence no two legacy enablement strategies will be alike. Our deep understanding of this comes from our depth of experience in dealing with existing infrastructure, while our depth of business experience provides us with the instinct to know when to analyze and rebuild, and when to reuse existing applications.

We have developed special skills in re-engineering through our own proven methods and experience. Rapid action and effective re-engineering on your legacy applications to contemporary platforms with optimized architectures, simultaneously retaining or enhancing the value in the applications. Proven expertise in modifying or extracting business logic from legacy systems. We follow a structural approach where we analyze your legacy applications, dig out the business rules, employ the latest tools and development techniques and transform your legacy systems into contemporary applications.

For such enterprises Akthasoft Solutions offers migration to open, advanced, flexible, secure, reliable and highly adopted platform - Microsoft .NET. Akthasoft Solutions specializes in migrating applications to latest technologies like .NET, whether it involves migration of legacy Win32 (Visual Basic, Visual C++), FoxPro, Power builder, Delphi, applications in to .NET, we have expertise and skills to achieve the objectives in a quicker, cleaner, cheaper and reliable manner .


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