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We decided to work with Akthasoft Services because of their technical knowledge. We really appreciate their monthly upgrades and the fact that they are very dependable. They are here when they say they will be which is critical since we rely on them for the technical functions of our business.

From designing a static website with an aesthetic look & feel to developing custom web solution for a particular business type, Akthasoft Solutions offers you wide range of web services.

Web Development

Open source application

Open Source, Free Software is alternative name for software that is created by open collaborative communities. To describe the tradition of open standards, shared source code, and collaborative development behind software such as the Linux operating system. Projects place their source code in the public domain; this allows third parties to contribute code and facilitates the creation of a self-organizing networked community of developers.

There are a number of open source applications ranging from ecommerce to warehouse management to manufacturing and even content management. Customization is simply adjusting an existing commonly available item to suit individual needs or preferences.

If you choose open source in order create a heavily customized unique application, go in with your eyes wide open because you are in for some software development. Of course, this is no different from commercial software. The only difference is that open source gives you more latitude to customize if you wish to.

We believe that open source is becoming a driver which empowers greater innovation in the real economy. All the innovation that's happening in open source software can help to power new business models and new products and services for real people. And that's what's so exciting about open source software today.

We specialize in implementing open source application by customizing then based on your needs. Customization services for open source will include template creation, search engine optimization, keyword generation, e-commerce integration and software installation.

We see three key drivers for the adoption of open source applications:

A "natural selection" process where open source applications are a better fit, when requirements are highly differentiated, lots of customization is required, or commercial options are very expensive.

Open source software is a natural tool for empowering new business models SOpen source is addictive for users and moving in from the edge

Web Design

Website Design

At Akthasoft Solutions, our website designs are original and totally custom. That's because we build your website from the ground up. We start the creative process by first listening to your goals and understanding the purpose of your website.

Akthasoft Solutions concentrates on professional Web design that improves the user experience and conveys a clear message; Web development that simplifies online processes and makes your Web site 'feel' great; and implementation that keeps your site flexible and reliable so your business can prosper.

Our website developers design & build websites that will promote you company into the area of interactive business.

Entrust us to create professional Web site designs that will 'Wow' your visitors and put you one step ahead of your competitors. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate on your next project. You have nothing to lose.


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